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Using TextExpander-Enhanced Apps With The TextExpander Keyboard

While the custom keyboard allows users to expand Snippets in any app, there are a couple of types of Snippets that cannot expand via the keyboard.

  • Rich text and formatted text Snippets will expand as plain text
  • Fill-in Snippets cannot expand via the keyboard

If you use a TextExpander-enhanced app for iPhone & iPad, you won’t have those limitations. With a TextExpander-enhanced app you can:

  • Expand formatted text Snippets
  • Expand fill-in Snippets, note that not all apps have chosen to implement this feature
  • Expand Snippets using any keyboard you want, not just the TextExpander keyboard
  • Expand Snippets with a Bluetooth keyboard

Check out our list of apps with TextExpander support.

Add TextExpander Support To An App

If you’re a Developer: iOS app developers can learn more about the free TextExpander SDK on our site.

If you’re a user: Let the developers know!

Send an email and give them the link to our free SDK :

Developers are usually responsive to customer requests. You can also contact us and let us know that you think your favorite apps would be great with TextExpander integration, so we can contact the developer as well.