Searching In Place With Inline Search

If you have a large Snippet library, or you have trouble remembering your abbreviations, being able to search for the Snippet you want is useful. Faster than browsing through your Snippets listed in the TextExpander window, Inline Search is a search field that opens right where you are typing. To use this fast search, you need to use a hotkey.

TextExpander provides a default Hotkey for Inline Search and the ability to set a Hotkey for several other functions. You can disable or change Hotkeys at any time.

  • macOS: Command + /
  • Windows: Control + /
  • Chrome: Control + Period

Try it now by pressing the hotkey combo, then start typing.                

  1. Type your hotkey. The TextExpander search window will appear near your cursor.
  2. Type any part of your snippet; abbreviation, content, or label. Scroll through the results and click the one you want, or arrow through the results and press Return (Mac), or Enter (Windows), on the one you want, or press Command+# (Mac), or Control+# (Windows), for the option you want.

Search Snippets using Quick Actions

See Getting around TextExpander with the Quick Actions helper menu.