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Using TextExpander for iPhone & iPad with Other Apps

TextExpander-enhanced Apps

TextExpander support has been integrated into many apps for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad to allow the expansion of advanced snippets using any keyboard. See our complete list of TextExpander-enhanced apps for iPhone, iPhone touch and iPad.

Setting up Snippet Use in an Enhanced App

  1. Open the Settings, located at the bottom of the Snippet Groups screen (iPhone/iPod touch) or open Settings > General from the upper right (iPad). Under TextExpander-Enhanced Apps switch on Share Snippets.
  2. You may need to go to the settings of the integrated app and turn on TextExpander. Check the Settings, or Preferences, of the app, or contact that app developer for more information.

Many apps will also have a button for fetching snippets. You will need to tap this periodically to keep the snippets in your app up-to-date.

Other Apps

Expand snippets in any app using the custom TextExpander keyboard. Expand advanced snippets using the TextExpander notes field then send the note, or snippet, to another app using the share menu to copy the note or snippet, switch to the other app, then paste the text there. For more on copying your note or snippet, see Sharing Snippets.