Hotkey Keyboard Shortcuts

Hotkeys are a combination of keys which, when pressed at the same time, provide quick access to a particular function, such as Control+C (Windows) and Command+C (Mac) for copy. TextExpander offers several functions via hotkey.

How to change or set a TextExpander hotkey

  1. Go to TextExpander > Preferences > Hotkeys.
  2. Select Set Hotkey next to one of the options to set the Hotkey. To change an existing hotkey combo, select the reset button, then select Set Hotkey.
  3. Press a key combination that includes Command (Mac), Alt (Windows), Control, Option and/or Shift, plus any letter or number to set your hotkey. For example, Control+Shift+S.
  4. Click on Change Hotkey.

List of Actions Which Can Be Assigned Hotkeys

Open TextExpander
Displays the main TextExpander window. Especially useful on Mac if you have the Dock icon hidden and do not have the menubar icon displayed.

Enable/Disable TextExpander
Useful when you want to temporarily disable TextExpander so that you can type without any expansions being triggered after you type the abbreviation.

Create New Snippet
Opens the Create Snippet window. Enter the snippet content and abbreviation, choose a snippet group to assign it to, and click Create.

Create Snippet from Clipboard
Opens the Create Snippet window with the current content of the Clipboard as the snippet content. Create an abbreviation, choose a snippet group to assign it to, and click Create.

Edit Last Expanded Snippet
Opens the Snippet you expanded last so that you can edit it. After you make the desired changes, click Save.

Inline Search
Shows an inline search window hovering near where you type. Type a couple letters of any part of a snippet to search. This is useful if you have a large snippet library or have trouble remembering all your abbreviations. See also Searching In Place With Inline Search.

Quick Action
Opens a window for fast access to your most-used Snippets and other TextExpander options. See Getting Around TextExpander with the Quick Actions helper menu.