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Adding Snippet Groups to TextExpander

How to add a new Snippet Group


  1. Select the Add Groups button at the top of the sidebar, to the right of the search bar in the TextExpander window.


  1. Select the Add Groups button at the bottom of the Snippet Groups list.


  1. Choose My Snippets from the sidebar.
  2. Select the Add Groups button at the top of the Groups list.

You can now populate the Group with Snippets, either by creating new Snippets or dragging in Snippets in Snippets from other Groups.

Add a Group from a file:

TextExpander can import comma-separated (.csv) files and TextExpander group files (.textexpander) via See How To Import / Export Groups on

Add a Group from another app:

See How To Import Snippets From Another Software Program

How to add Public Groups:

TextExpander offers many ready-made Snippet groups, which you can find and add to your library, on the Public Groups page. To add a group:

  1. Visit Public Groups, or from the app:
    • Choose File > Add Public Group from the menubar or
    • Sign in to and choose the plus icon next to the Public category.
  2. Select a group you’d like to add from the page.
  3. Choose Join Snippet Group. If you aren’t signed in to, you will be asked to do so first.

The group is added to your library and ready to use. It is not editable, though you may duplicate the group and edit the contents of the copy.

Anyone may submit a Public Group for review and publication for any TextExpander user to use.