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Prevent Snippets From Expanding In Specific Apps

You can prevent selected groups of Snippets from expanding in apps of your choosing. For example, if you are working on a specific project and have created Snippets just for it, such as a dictionary of terminology or some HTML code Snippets, set them to expand only in the app you are working in for the project, and not expand in your email or other day to day apps.

Apply to just one Snippet group:

  1. Open TextExpander and choose one of your Snippet groups.
  2. Select the “Group Settings” cog on the right.
  3. Currently “Expand in:” is set to “All Applications” or “Default”
    • Change it to “All Application, Except” if you want to exclude only a couple of applications from expanding this Snippet group.
    • Change it to “Only These Application” if you only want this Snippet group to expand in a couple select applications.
    • Change it to “No Application, Disabled” if you don’t want the Snippets of this group to expand at all.
  4. Once you have made a selection, another window will open where you can check the apps you want to include/exclude.

Apply to all Snippets groups:

  1. Open TextExpander’s Preferences > Expansion window and locate “Expand Snippet Groups.”
  2. Select either “Only These Applications” or “All Applications, Except” and then select the apps you want to exclude/include.