Snippet Suggestions

Find Snippet suggestions by opening TextExpander > Profile > Preferences > Suggestions.

TextExpander can suggest new snippets based on what you type. See also Creating, Editing, Deleting Snippets.

TextExpander can also notify you when you forget to use an existing snippet.

  • Suggest snippets based on my typing habits: Turn on or off the suggest snippets feature.

Scan typing for suggestions

  • When typing in: Limit the applications where TextExpander will observe your typing for suggesting snippets.
    • All Applications
      By default, TextExpander suggests snippets when typing in all applications.
    • All Applications Except…
      Excludes the specified applications from TextExpander suggestions.
    • Only These Applications…
      Includes only the specified applications for TextExpander suggestions.
  • Notify me about Snippet suggestions: Notifies you when you have a new Snippet suggestions. See also Snippet Notifications.
  • Notify me of the abbreviation when I type a Snippet that already exists: Notifies you of the snippet abbreviation when you type out the content of a snippet which already exists. See also Snippet Notifications.