You can access Options by going to TextExpander >Profile> Preferences > Options.

Capitalize new sentences

Check this box if you want the first letter after a period and a space to be capitalized automatically.

Double capitals

If two capital letters are typed at the beginning of a word and a third lower case letter is typed, the second letter will be converted to lower case automatically (unless Caps Lock is on).

  • Eliminate at sentence start
    Corrects double capitals at the start of a new sentence (after a period and a space.)
  • Eliminate at word start
    Corrects double capitals at the start of a new word.
  • Do not correct
    Turns off this feature, all double capitals are left as is.

Correct capitalization in

You can customize which applications capitalization correction works within.

  • all applications
    By default, capitalization correction is enabled for all applications.
  • all applications except…
    Excludes specified applications from capitalization correction.
  • only these applications…
    Includes only the selected applications for corrected capitalization.

Show Available Applications will show you a list of the applications in which TextExpander can correct capitals.