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Using And Contributing To Snippets In Public Groups

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A public group is a Snippet Group that is authored and published by another TextExpander user. You can also choose to share any of your Snippet groups with the world by publishing them in Public Groups.

Public groups are useful to thousands of TextExpander users. For example, there are Groups for AutoCorrecting English, French, and German. As well as other Groups related to areas/fields such as coding, marketing, and recruiting!

Join any number of ready-made (a.k.a. predefined) Snippet Groups by subscribing to one here.

How to Subscribe to a Public Group:

  1. From Public Groups choose “+” plus sign link next to any group.
  2. On the following screen, click Subscribe to group. You will need to sign in first if you aren’t already.
  3. You’re done. Now you can view the group from your browser, or start using the group immediately from your app.

How to Publish a Public Group:

  1. From your account on open the Group Settings of the group you’d like to publish.
  2. Select the arrow icon that says “Sharing.”
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and choose Publish in Public Groups.
  4. Now fill in a few details about your group:
    • The group title
      Make it something short but informative. (e.g. “Autocorrect – Pacific marine mammal species”)
    • The author’s name
      Your name (e.g. “Alex Lee”)
    • The category
      What type of Snippets are these? (e.g. Autocorrections vs Symbols vs General)
    • Description
      1–2 short clear sentences on what this group is good for. (e.g. “Autocorrecting Pacific marine mammal species names”)
    • License
      Legalese on whether you have the right to publish this group, and how freely you want to share.
  5. Submit your group for review. The TextExpander team will review your group and approve it for publishing, or reject it. If rejected, and the team doesn’t get in touch with you, feel free to reach out and see what changes need to be made for approval.

You may resubmit changes to your group details at any time. They will go through review before being published or rejected.

You may update the Snippets in your group at any time.

Tips on Good Shared Groups

See How to prepare a Snippet Group for sharing.

Sharing with a Public URL

If you wish to share your group freely with a select audience, you may post the Public URL for your working group on your website, or wherever you wish. Anyone who clicks the link can join your Group, but only you can control the settings for the Group.