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8 Recruiting Tools Used by Amazon and Meta

What are the top recruiting tools Amazon and Meta’s talent acquisition teams use to find the best candidates?

Best Recruiting Automation Software

This is a list with short descriptions of the best recruitment automation software that can optimize your recruitment process.

How to Get Hired: Tips from a Meta Recruiter

A senior Meta recruiter offers his tips on how to get hired. Tailor your resume and sell your soft skills to land your dream job.

Sourcing Principles and Strategies

In this post, we define sourcing, explain the basic principles of this practice, and share tips to help you start building your talent pipeline. 

Interviewing: the definitive guide

Effective interviewing doesn’t come “naturally”. In this post, we dive deep into the best ways to get to know candidates while improving their experience.

Comprehensive Guide to Job Postings

Learn how to create effective job postings with our expert tips.

How To Improve the Candidate Experience

To attract and hire the best talent today, companies need to create the best possible experience for candidates.

So you want to be a recruiter?

Is a profession in recruiting really for you? Find out if you want to be a recruiter.