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Using Slide Over and Split View To Expand Fill-Ins and Formatted Snippets On iPad

Easily expand all of your Snippets, including formatted text and fill-ins with TextExpander and Slide Over or Split View on your iPad.  (Using iPad iOS 13 or higher)

Tip: Use a hardware keyboard with TextExpander on the iPad as a Mac alternative.

How to use Slide Over on your iPad Video

Use Slide Over or Split View to expand Formatted text and Fill-in Snippets on your iPad with TextExpander

  1. Open TextExpander in Slide Over:
    Drag from the bottom of the screen to bring up the dock.
  2. Tap TextExpander and drag it up to the side for Slide Over.
  3. Once TextExpander is in position, select the Snippet group you’d like to use.
    Drag (tap and hold, then slide) the Snippet from TextExpander to the text area you’re working in. If it’s a fill-in Snippet, you will be prompted to enter the fill-in information in the TextExpander window. If you are not using a hardware keyboard, the onscreen keyboard will pop up and allow you to fill in the formatted sections.
  4. To dismiss TextExpander in Slide Over, simply swipe it away from the middle of the inside edge.
Slide Over and Split View demos
TextExpander used in Slide Over and Split View with a Magic Keyboard
  • Use multitasking to switch TextExpander to Split View:
    Drag TextExpander down from the top of the floating window. You should see the windows resizing. Release TextExpander and it will open side-by-side in Split View. Use the same steps to take TextExpander back to Slide Over.
  • These steps should be operational with official Apple hardware keyboards such as the Magic Keyboard along with third-party keyboards. 

Learn how to use Slide Over and Split View