Expanding TextExpander Snippets

The purpose of TextExpander is to expand Snippets, saving you from having to type out things long hand. To expand a Snippet:

  1. Open any text field in any app.
  2. Type a Snippet abbreviation.

That’s it, your Snippet will expand.

When you first open up the TextExpander app on your device, the app is running and enabled to expand, so Snippets will work immediately.

There are a couple ways to expand your Snippets:

  • With a Delimiter acting as your special “expand now” character
  • From a Snippet search field

Expanding Snippets with Delimiters

If you don’t want a Snippet to expand immediately after you type the abbreviation you can use a delimiter. That means you type one of several special characters, for example, Shift, Tab, Punctuation, in order to make the Snippet expand. See Expanding With Delimiters.

Expanding Snippets Using Search

If you cannot remember your Snippet’s abbreviation, you can search for your Snippet with a quick hotkey, or keyboard combination, and expend it from that search menu. See Searching Snippets.

Stop or Pause Expansions

To stop expansion temporarily see Enable/Disable TextExpander.