Using Snippet Templates

Snippet Templates are one type of the ready-made Snippet Groups we offer to all users in our Public Groups catalog. Unlike a regular Public Group, Snippet Templates are easily editable by you to suit your needs.

Browse our full list of free and ready-to-use Snippets in Public Groups. You’ll find lots of ideas and examples of ways to use Snippets.

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How to use Snippet Templates

  1. Find all our Snippet Templates on our Public Groups page. Look for the “Snippet Templates” category.
  2. Browse the available Snippet Templates and select one to open it.
  3. From the details view of the Snippet Template, choose “Use Template” to add it to your TextExpander account.

You’ll now find this new Snippet Group in your TextExpander app, ready to expand. Edit any of the Snippets in the Group.

Get ideas from Snippet Templates

You can use Snippets for all sorts of tasks. Here are a few examples included in Snippet Templates.

Email-related Templates

This Snippet Group includes several examples of Snippets you’ll need if you send lots of emails. 

Sample Date Formats

Use these templates to help you get started making a Snippet Group to expand dates in various formats. 

Company URL Examples

Here are a range of Snippets you can share with the whole company. Everyone should have a Snippet for the company homepage, the mailing address, and the correct spelling of the company, for example.

“Team Snippets” – Snippets working together

These two Snippet Groups work together. They show how you can mix Personal and Shared Snippets, including how to “nest” Shared Snippets inside Personal Snippets.