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Why Are Snippets in the App and on the Website Different?

How to fix your snippets being different between the TextExpander app and the website

The Snippets you see on the web are the “true” Snippets.

  • If the Snippets you see in your TextExpander app and in your account don’t match, check if there are any “Conflict” Snippet Groups in the app. If that Snippet Group has any recently edited Snippets, copy the recent changes into the original Snippet, or, if there are entirely new Snippets drag and drop them into the correct Snippet Group. You may then delete the conflict group. Then sign out of the TextExpander app and sign back in.
  • If that doesn’t help, sign out of the TextExpander app, quit and restart the app, then sign back in as your final step. This will ensure your Snippets match the server.