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If I Try TextExpander Version 6 and Later, What Happens to My Snippets?

How to transfer your snippets while upgrading your TextExpander version

  1. Make sure you are on version 5.1.7 by going to TextExpander > About TextExpander. If you are on an earlier version, download 5.1.7 from here: TextExpander 5
  2. Launch version 5.1.7 at least once.
  3. Open Finder and choose Go > Go to Folder. Paste in this address then click Go:

~/Library/Application Support/TextExpander

  1. Locate the following file:


(If you had Dropbox or iCloud sync set up previously, it’s possible this file is in another location.)

  1. Compress your Settings.textexpandersettings file by control-clicking the file > Compress “Settings.textexpandersettings”.
  2. Go here:

  1. Upload the zipped ‘Settings.textexpandersettings’ file to

After that your Snippets will be in your TextExpander account and available any time you sign in to TextExpander on any device.

More information can be found here:

Note: TextExpander for Mac version 6 stores its local data in a different file location than your older TextExpander version, so if you revert to an older version of TextExpander all your Snippets will still be there.