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Why are my Team Statistics emails showing more time saved?

Noticed a change in your Team’s time saved email? We can explain. We’ve changed how we calculate statistics on the Weekly TextExpander Stats for your Organization. 

Previously, our Team Statistics emails were based on 80 Words Per Minute, while the statistics shown on defaulted to 50 WPM. To unify the information shown both in the statistics email and the statistics reports run on, we have set the email to 50 WPM. 

This means that a team that expanded 3209 Snippets would report the following savings:

  •  4 hours and 43 minutes when using 80 WPM
  •  7 hours and 33 minutes when calculated at 50 WPM 

If you do have a team of speed typers and feel that a higher WPM would be more accurate for your team, you can generate a report using the higher WPM on