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How TextExpander Statistics Are Calculated

Calculating time saved with TextExpander Snippets

TextExpander calculates time saved by looking at characters typed versus expanded. That is, take the total characters expanded in a Snippet and subtract the characters typed in the abbreviation. Add up all Snippets, and divide by WPM, assuming an average word is five characters. 

(Snippet length – abbreviation length) / WPM

Statistics across devices

Statistics reflect usage data from TextExpander for Mac, Windows, Chrome, iPhone, and iPad. 

On iOS, TextExpander keyboard usage data is only sent when you launch the TextExpander app.

For to have accurate statistics, your devices must periodically be connected to the Internet.

Words per minute

TextExpander defaults to 50 WPM, given this is close to the speed of the “average” typist. This speed is reflected in the time saved noted in your regular email activity reports