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Transfer Snippets from v6 and earlier into my TextExpander account

Owners of TextExpander 5 and earlier may sign up for a TextExpander account at a discount for an introductory period.

  1. Create an account on
  2. If you do so on a Mac where you have a previous version of TextExpander installed, when you setup billing for your TextExpander account, your discount will be applied automatically. If not, you may need to look up your old license number.

To upgrade from the legacy versions of TextExpander, you would have to start a new TextExpander subscription here.

If you’re a previous (v5 and earlier) user of TextExpander, please reach out to us at TextExpander Support and we can issue a 50% off lifetime discount code to apply to your account as a token of our appreciation!

Otherwise, please feel free to also enter your earlier version’s serial number here to receive your promo code.