Setting Up Single Sign-On (SSO) with Okta in TextExpander

What you will need to before getting started:

  • SSO Point of Contact Information
  • Your Identity Provider (IdP) XML Metadata
  • Your Organization ID (ACS) found in your SSO Settings for your organization on

TextExpander-Side Setup (SP)

  1. Add TextExpander to your Okta Dashboard. This is a part of the Okta Directory and will have additonal setup steps provided by Okta. You will need the Organization ID mentioned previously.
  2. Login to
  3. Goto your Organization on the left menu and navigate to the “Single Sign-On” page.
  4. Select Okta as your SSO Provider
  5. Take note of your Organization ID (ACS) you will need to input this into your Advanced Settings for Okta.
  6. Provide a SSO Point of Contact (This is used primary to help support your organization if there are any issues and we need to identify who set up your SSO.)
  7. Copy and Paste your XML Metadata.
  8. Your SSO Sign-in should be properly setup now. Please test your SSO Sign-in prior to setting “Require Single Sign-On” to troubleshoot any potential issues.