Setting Up Single Sign-On (SSO) with G-Suite in TextExpander

What you will need to before getting started:

  • You’ll need to be the Google Workspace admin to complete the setup. 
  • SSO Point of Contact Information
  • Your Identity Provider (IdP) XML Metadata
  • Your Organization ID (ACS) found in your SSO Settings for your organization on

TextExpander-Side Setup (SP)

  • Add the integration to your IdP
  • Login to
  • Go to your Organization on the left menu and navigate to the “Single Sign-On” page.
  • Select Gsuite as your SSO Provider
  • Provide a SSO Point of Contact (This is used primary to help support your organization if there are any issues and we need to identify who set up your SSO.)
  • Download and Paste your XML Metadata.
  • Your SSO Sign-in should be properly setup now. Please test your SSO Sign-in prior to setting “Require Single Sign-On” to troubleshoot any potential issues.

Sample Setup Images:

Service provider details
Attribute mappings
Final configuration