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Share Snippet Groups With The Whole Organization Using Auto-Join

What is Auto Join and Why is it Useful?

If you have any Snippet Groups you want to share with everyone in the Organization, you can set that Snippet Group to be auto-joined.

For example, you might want the entire company to share the Support and HR Snippet Groups, but you only want the Sales team to have the Sales Snippet Group.

Auto Join allows you to share broad Snippet Groups in bulk with ease.

How to Set a Snippet Group to be auto-joined by every Member:

  1. Sign in to your account, select “Snippet Groups” from the sidebar, under your Organization name.
  2. Once you find the Snippet Group you’d like to share, select “Auto Join”


  • Everyone in the Organization, including new Members thereafter will gain access to that Snippet Group.
  • Once you select “Auto Join”, Members will have to be removed individually if needed in the future.