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5 Customer Service Attributes of Winning Companies

What are the customer service attributes of winning companies? Author John Sills shares 5 enablers for superior customer experience.

How to Show Empathy in Customer Service

Learn the impact of customer empathy statements in building meaningful connections and enhancing digital experiences with 5 examples included to use.

Customer Feedback: Yet Another Myth?

Customer experience leaders crave customer feedback, but that information useful? Learn why customer feedback may be a myth.

Do “Loyal Customers” Truly Exist?

Businesses like to count on loyal customers, but CX expert and author John Sills claims that loyalty is a myth.

Bridging the Engagement Capacity Gap: Strategies for Success

Explore the Engagement Capacity Gap issue, as we dive into unique solutions and strategies aimed at enhancing involvement and driving organizational success.

Customer Experience ROI: Is It a Myth?

Customer experience ROI is the holy grail of customer service stats, but is it a myth? Author John Sills says it is.