TextExpander touch SDK

TextExpanderTouchSDK on GitHub

(current version: 4.0)

Add TextExpander touch functionality to your iOS app!

TextExpander is most useful when it’s available for text entry everywhere. With the TextExpander custom keyboard in iOS 8 and later, TextExpander will have the kind of ubiquity it has on the Mac. The free TextExpander touch SDK allows apps to offer an even richer TextExpander experience, including support for expansion via:

  • Bluetooth keyboards
  • System keyboards
  • Fill-ins
  • Rich text

We urge you to adopt the TextExpander touch SDK to offer the best possible TextExpander experience to your users.


There is a detailed README file in the GitHub repository, which is the best place to start for information on the TextExpander touch SDK.

Google Group

To keep track of TextExpander touch SDK updates, please join our Google Group.

Supported Apps

Complete list of TextExpander-integrated iPhone & iPad apps. When you add support for TextExpander touch to your app, let us know and we’ll add you to the list.