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Presenter Series: Tips on Writing Your Technical Talk

We’ve all been there – sitting in front of a computer screen, wondering why on earth you ever agreed to give a talk in the first place. You knew the topic at some point but now it is time to write the thing? No chance!

Presenter Series: Coding in Front of People

You’re on stage, you’ve practiced your presentation and the live coding demonstration portion. You start typing away. Typo! Backup and try again. Another typo! Backup and try again, give the audience a joke so you don’t lose them. You got your point across, but the typos were distracting to the audience. How to do it…

Make Your Own Email Address Generator for Testing

When building and testing online accounts, most require a unique email address. This constraint leaves demo systems full of email addresses like Let’s talk about a great way to generate test email addresses.

How to Instantly Insert Your Most Used Bash Commands

There are commands we don’t run often enough to commit to muscle memory. Let’s talk about some of the most common ones.

Write Better Issue Tracking Tickets: Consistency Is Key

Having a clear idea of what you need to do to progress in your work has so many benefits. Here we highlight some best practices for developers of all types around ticket writing.

How To: Use Snippets In Your iPhone Apps (Hey Devs: ? SDK)

Typing on your iPad and iPhone is way easier with TextExpander for iPhone & iPad to speed you along. There’s even a way to use your text snippets in your apps, no custom keyboard required.

Three Simple Steps to Get Up and Running With TextExpander

How should a busy professional get started with TextExpander? You’ve downloaded the free test drive version of TextExpander to your Mac or PC and are wondering how to set up your first few snippets. Building a solid snippet system is pretty straightforward once you’ve answered three simple questions. Question 1: What type of text should…